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Bourne Stringing

High quality tennis racket restringing at affordable prices.

At Bourne Stringing we provide high quality tennis racket restringing services to the entire East Kent area and beyond.

Whether you’re an experienced tournament player or just a humble beginner, we’re here to offer the very best racket stringing service to everyone.

Why Replace Strings?

No matter your standard or playing level, racket strings need regularly replacing. Players with hard hitting styles who use heavy topspin, tend to break strings far more frequently than others. Whilst flatter hitting players may find their strings do not break so often, string tension does eventually falls away and power becomes diminished.

Whichever category you fall into, it’s a fact of life that tennis strings deteriorate over time with extended use, and need replacing to give your game the best possible results.

If you’re a budding tennis player who’s broken a string or your strings feel they’ve lost tension, speak to us about getting a fresh bed of strings fitted.

Our Vision

East Kent is renowned throughout Kent and Great Britain as an area with exciting, affordable opportunities for everyone to play and enjoy tennis and a fantastic place to develop a coaching career.

Our Mission

Build a proactive community of local tennis enthusiasts, The East Kent Tennis Community (EKTC), that works toward the vision, with a synergistic spirit.


To increase the number of juniors and adults enjoying the great game of tennis and to support coaches and clubs on their journey of development

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