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As parents we all want our children to be happy, developing skills that will help them lead fulfilling lives, making plenty of positive friendships and enjoying lots of enriching experiences.

Playing tennis can offer lots of opportunities to fulfill these goals and with a little upfront knowledge, you as the parent, can really help set your child on the right course to maximise their time on court.

In collaboration with Loughborough and Roehampton Universities, the LTA have produced a PDF document that I highly recommend reading.

You can view the document by clicking the button below:

Mental & Emotional Skills - A Guide for Parents

I wish I had read and shared this document many years ago; mine and so many other parent experiences of their child’s tennis journey, could have been far happier!

Finally, please note, there is strong evidence that children who can serve, rally and score, stay more positively engaged with the sport of tennis. Once they can do this, they can start actually playing the game of tennis. If they never or rarely play tennis and just hit the ball or do exercises, children often get disengaged 

My personal advice would be that you, or a coach (chat with the coach to find out what he/she values), help them develop these skills so they can start the point, keep the ball over the net and learn the basic tactics of the game.

The governing body of tennis, The International Tennis Federation (ITF), have the motto ‘Play and Stay’ and I totally endorse this.

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